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Over the years we have developed working relationships with business in various sectors across the country, examples of some of our clients include airports, film studios and local councils. We can tailor our services to each client depending on their size and infrastructure.


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Within the transport industry, we work with airports and docks. Monitoring programmes are set up to address issues caused by dead legs and infrequently used outlets that are common in large private distribution systems.


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Those with immunodeficiency problems and the elderly are at most risk from legionnaires disease so it is increasingly important to ensure their systems are complaint. We work with a number of hospices to ensure this is the case.


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We work with one of the largest studios within the UK, across multiple different sites within their group. Multiple bathrooms and showers across large sites can cause dead legs if unused and cause potential issues to cast and crews.


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Within the education system we work with a number of schools with large network and aging infrastructure. Putting our years of industry knowledge into action to ensure that the students at the schools have safe bathrooms and showers. We also monitor and sample swimming pools if onsite.


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We work with a number of pharmaceutical companies, ensuring that they’re water systems are compliant.


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We work at many top leisure attractions around the country including theme parks and race tracks. Whether it is misting nozzles on rides or infrequently used shower outlets we can create a monitoring programme bespoke to you.


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We work with local councils to identify private water supplies within their region and any potential areas of risk that they believe need to be addressed.

Food & Beverage

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We have clients in the food industry with private boreholes and water storage systems to supply their produce fields and office buildings. We regularly monitor these systems to ensure compliance.

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