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Water Efficiency Credits

Working with the environment, our vision is to be the leading community-focused water company.

We understand the significant impact of our operations and are committed to continual improvement across this multi-faceted arena. As such, we are keen to promote and support the inclusion of water efficiency approaches in new developments throughout our region.


Water efficiency credit

We currently offer a discount to the infrastructure charge for each new home where evidence of a water efficiency design to a standard of 110litres (or less) per person per day is expected.

For the charging period 2023/24 our water efficiency credit is £258.

To qualify for this discount, we ask you to let us know at the time of your application and subsequently provide an evidence form showing the intention to install water efficient fittings. For further guidance and an example of a water efficiency calculator, please see page 38 of The Building Regulations 2010: Sanitation, hot water safety and water efficiency.


Bulk supply charges for NAVs

Where a NAV installs infrastructure that results in materially lower consumption per property than usual, for example because the site features on-site resources, grey water recycling, or rainwater harvesting systems. In this case (and provided the water efficiency systems remain in working order) it may be appropriate to reflect in NAV bulk supply charges the avoided long-run incremental costs of water resources in addition to the usual deductions for onsite ongoing costs.

We operate in a water stressed area with ever growing concern over our environment, as such we are increasing our focus on implementing and incentivising environmental protection initiatives.

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