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Water-saving devices

Weather this time of year is very changeable, raining one day, sunny the next. Here’s some gardening tips.

Top gardening tips

Make the most of
the wet weather by
getting a water butt

A water butt
collects rainwater
for drier months
and is a free
source of water
for your garden.

Improving drainage
for waterlogged soil

Waterlogged soil can cause plants to drown. To improve drainage, try mulching over the root area or adding stones or gravel to the bottom of your pot plants.

Mulch your garden
beds after wet

Woody mulches work well and help stop weed growth. Organic matter or water retaining gel are also great options when planting flowers and hanging baskets.

Get water saving in the
garden with Joe

Water Butt

If you haven’t already got one, a water butt is a great way to collect rainwater to water your garden.

Hoses and sprinklers can use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour- equivalent to more than 12 baths - so rainwater harvesting can be a great way to make you more water efficient and save money all year round.

Purchase a water but in partnership with SOLO and GMB group

100L RainSaver
Kit Water Butt

Includes Multi
piece Stand
and Diverter

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200L Garden Lake
Water Butt

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Want to save
even more?

Are you wondering how to reduce your water saving further? Our experts have lots of tips to help you save water at home.

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