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Self-Lay Guidance

for Developers

Whether your development requires new water mains, new service connections or both, you may choose an accredited contractor to do the contestable work rather than us. This is known as “Self-Lay”. You may prefer to use a Self-Lay Provider (SLP) for a number of reasons:

  • Self-Lay Providers may be able to provide a multi-utility option;
  • Self-Lay providers may offer a more cost-effective solution when constructing your project;
  • Self-Lay providers may provider greater flexibility in meeting construction programmes.


Before an SLP can carry out works, they must submit a self-lay application to us via My Developments.The SLP must also be accredited under the Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS), which is maintained by Lloyd’s Register .


Retailer Required?

1. Retailer required

If premises are non-household select a retailer.


2. Application

Submit your application.


3. Confirmation

We confirm we received everything.

Design, Survey Cost

4. Design, survey & cost

We work on the design, survey and cost.

Cost Advice and proceed

5. Cost advice & proceed

We send cost advice. Tell us if you want to proceed.


We will enter into an agreement with you and your chosen SLP to take over responsibility for and ownership of the self-laid pipes provider they meet our requirements. We still have to provide parts of the service which are non-contestable and will work with your chosen SLP to co-ordinate these works.


for Self-Lay Providers

All SLP’s planning to build infrastructure in our supply area will need to complete an application using our My Developments portal. You have the option to submit a design drawing as part of your application or request us to complete this as part of our process.

Once we accept your application, we will issue a Terms Offer with the income offset value payment and our costs of connecting the assets to be adopted into our supply system. We will also send you a draft Adoption Agreement setting out the terms on which we will adopt the assets you are constructing.


For more information relating to our Self-Lay Provider guidance, please see the below links:

If you require any additional advice or information please contact our team

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