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Water mapping

View our plans and see where our water mains are located.

Here you can find out how to obtain plans showing where our clean water mains are located across our three supply regions – Central, East and Southeast. Plans can be obtained by email or online from our mapping website.

Supply area

To check if your site location falls within our supply area, please use the postcode checker below. Alternatively, view a more detailed map showing Affinity Water's three supply regions (PDF 14MB).



Contact Us

If you need to know where our water mains are located, the Geographical Analysis Team are here to help. To get in contact, please email: The team is available Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) and aim to reply to all emails either same day or the next working day.

Obtaining water maps


Affinity Water provides a mapping website that allows 24/7 online access to our clean water mains records. If you work directly for a Public Body, i.e. for local or national government, or for an Infrastructure Body - as defined by Schedule 1 of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006, then access to our NRSWA website is free and you will not need to provide us with a copy of your organisation’s Ordnance Survey (OS) licence.

If you work for an organisation that does not hold either Public or Infrastructure Body status, we can still register you on our website but please be aware that we will first need to obtain a copy of your organisation’s OS licence. This confirms we can make Ordnance Survey’s copyright mapping available to you. To find out why you need an OS PMCL please click here. Also a one-off administration set-up charge of £35 + VAT (£42), per user, will apply, which will be collected by invoice after registration. 

To register on the website please email with the following details:

  • name of the person who is going to be registered on the website
  • PDF copy of your OS licence (applies to non-Infrastructure and non-Public Bodies)
  • confirmation that you will pay the registration fee (£42 incl. VAT)
  • invoice details to include: company name and address, the name of the person who will receive the invoice and any payment reference you need us to quote.

If you already have an account on our website you can use the link below to access it.


Alternatively, you can also request asset plans by emailing

If you work for a Public or Infrastructure Body, or are the property owner or occupier at the location you are requesting information for, we will issue you plans free of charge. If you work for any other type of business, plans will be issued free of charge under our NRSWA obligations if streetworks documentation is provided for the request location.

If you cannot provide us with streetworks documentation then each plan will be charged an administration fee of £35 + VAT (£42). When you write to us, please include a map location and/or map reference, along with a brief description of works being planned at this location.

If you are working as a contractor for either a Public or Infrastructure body, please be aware that we will no longer accept ‘authorisation’ from them on your behalf. If you wish to obtain information from us directly, streetworks will need to be provided to obtain asset plans without charge.   

Additional information

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