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You can submit an enquiry for a disconnection of service using our application form, please complete the sections relevant to your development.


Our Process

We aim to provide you with a cost advice within 28 calendar days of receiving your application.

  • Application

    1. Application

    Submit your application.


    2. Confirmation

    We confirm we received everything.

    Design & Surevy cost

    3. Design, survey cost

    We work on the design, survey and cost.

    Cost advice

    4. Cost advice

    We send you cost advice.


    5. Proceed?

    You decide if you want to proceed.

    1. Submit your application for a disconnection of service, complete the sections that are applicable to you.
    2. We will confirm we have everything needed to answer your enquiry within 5 calendar days of receiving your application.
    3. We will design your connection which may include a site visit by a technician.
    4. We will send you a cost advice 28 calendar days after receiving the full and complete information.
    5. Then you decide if you wish to proceed with the disconnection.
  • Request your disconnection
    Forms and payment

    1. Accept design

    To proceed, you will need to accept the design that we have issued.

    Ready for disconnection

    2. Ready for disconnection

    Contact us when you are ready for the disconnection.

    Planning team

    3. Planning team

    Your application is passed to our planning team.

    1. After you have decided to go ahead with a the disconnection, select your preferred payment method, complete the cost advice and then send them back to us by post or email and make the payment.
    2. Advise us when you would like the disconnection to take place.
    3. We pass your application to our planning team.
  • Planning
    Application review

    1. Application review

    Our planning team checks your application details.

    Propose a disconnection date

    2. Propose a disconnection date

    We call you to propose a disconnection date.

    Works permit requested

    3. Works permit requested

    If required we apply for a work permit.

    Review permit conditions

    4. Review permit conditions

    We review the work permit conditions.

    Confirm date

    5. Confirm date

    We will confirm the disconnection date.

    1. Our planning team checks your application.
    2. Our planner will call you within 5 working days to propose an disconnection date. The date will be within 21 calendar days if there are no extraordinary conditions. If your works are considered extraordinary we will confirm this in writing. You can request a later installation date if this suits your build programme (if you do opt for this we confirm the date in writing).
    3. If required, we will apply to the Highways Authority for a Street works permit. They have 3 working days to respond to us.
    4. The permit status is confirmed and any conditions are noted. If this affects your disconnection date we will contact you, otherwise we will confirm your date on our schedule.
  • Disconnection
    Site visit

    1. Site visit

    We may visit the site before disconnection.

    Team arrives

    2. Team arrives

    Our team arrives on site to start work.


    3. Disconnection

    Meter and boundary box is removed. Supply pipe capped.


    4. Reinstatement

    If required we will return to carry out a reinstatement.

    1. Our site agents may visit the area before their disconnection team arrives (you do not have to be present).
    2. On the scheduled day our disconnection team will arrive to start the work.
    3. Our disconnection team will remove the meter and boundary box, cap the supply pipe and remove the ferrule on the main. When everything is disconnected the team will leave site.
    4. If any reinstatement is required this will be completed no more than 3 working days after the disconnection work.