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As a company, we understand the trust and confidence our customers place in us to supply high quality drinking water every day and our business has been fulfilling this vital role in the communities we serve for over a hundred years.

This Investor Relations area is focused on providing information relevant to debt investors, other financial creditors and credit analysts but is open to all interested stakeholders of Affinity Water. Within this section of our website, you will find information including our financial results, operational performance, debt financing and credit ratings

Financial Overview

Senior Gearing
31 March 2023
Conformed Senior Adjusted ICR
31 March 2023

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Credit Ratings

Our debt is rated by Moody'sStandard & Poor's and Fitch rating agencies. Please find below details of their current ratings, and contact details for the lead analyst should you have any questions concerning these.


Class A  A3
Class B  Baa3
Corporate Family Rating for AWL  Baa1


Standard & Poor's: 

Class A  BBB+
Class B  BBB-


Class A BBB+
Class B BBB-

Debt Maturity Profile

Bond Maturity Profile


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