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Infrastructure Charges

Our Infrastructure Charges are currently set at £375.00.

You have to pay infrastructure charges on top of the cost of connecting a property to the water main and/or wastewater system (provided by Anglian Water or Thames Water depending on your location within our area). Each company can raise infrastructure charges for connecting premises for household purposes to a public water main or to a public sewer for the first time. Ofwat set an upper limit on this charge and this increases each year in line with inflation.

New Connections Charging Consultation 2021/22 (PDF 1.3MB)

New Connections Charging Board Assurance statement 2020/2021 (PDF 465KB)

New Connection Charging Arrangements 2020/2021 (PDF 1.3MB)

Statement of Significant Changes 2020/2021 (PDF 825KB)

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