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Water Quality and Fittings Regulations for Retailers

Advice and contact information.


  • Water Quality

    We are committed to supplying high quality drinking water, and providing an excellent services to our customers, communities, and retailers

    The below document contains information on how you can advise your customer about water quality and the best way to resolve any issues they may have.

    Water Quality Information for Retailers

    Please contact our emergency 24 hour line immediately for any urgent water quality issues on 0345 357 2407.

  • Scientific Services

    Our services include Iegionella testing and management, private water supply risk assessments, refrigerated transportation of samples, comprehensive laboratory analysis, results interpretation, as well as access to expert water quality advisers.

    If you or your customers wish to speak to our team regarding these matters please contact

  • Water Fittings Regulations

    Under the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 it is the legal duty of the owner, occupier, installer, or plumber to ensure the regulations are met to notify us before any work begins. If the owner or occupier does not seek permission, then the duty rests with the installer or plumber. Failure to notify may result in legal action.

    Please visit our dedicated water fittings regulations page for more information on how this affects you and your customers. If you would like more information about water fitting or to contact a member of the team please email

    Our Wholesale Services Desk (WOSD) will notify you of the affected customer for any announce or unannounced inspections via the F1 and F2 process. We do not charge an abortive visit charge to the retailer if a customer misses their appointment.