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You can apply for an extension or diversion of an existing water main for your development using our application form. Please complete the sections relevant to your development

When applying with us, consider whether you would like for the new house(s) to be water efficient. If so, you could be entitled to a water efficiency discount. Plus, it is vital you understand the relevant fire protection and requirements for your site.

Our charges are carefully reviewed and published on an annual basis. Find out more about our latest charges.


Calculate and pre-plan your application


Our Process

We aim to provide you with a cost advice within 28 calendar days of receiving your application.

  • Application

    1. Application

    Submit your application.


    2. Confirmation

    We confirm we received everything.

    Design & Surevy cost

    3. Design, survey cost

    We work on the design, survey and cost.

    Cost advice

    4. Cost advice

    We send you the cost advice.


    5. Proceed?

    You decide if you want to proceed.

    1. Submit your Section 41 application for a new or extended water main
    2. Within 5 calendar days of receiving your application we will confirm in writing that we have everything needed to answer your enquiry.
    3. The design works are carried out over a period of 28 calendar or 42 calendar days if your scheme is classed as extraordinary (we will confirm this in writing).
    4. 28 calendar or 42 calendar days after we have received the full and complete information you will receive your cost advice.
    5. You decide if and how you wish to proceed with the New Mains Requisition (Affinity Water Installation or Self Lay)
  • Payment and installation of new main by Affinity Water
    Payment and offer letter

    1. Payment & offer letter

    Complete offer letter and make payment.

    Programme works

    2. Programme works

    We programme your works.

    Pre-start meeting

    3. Pre-start meeting

    Pre-start meeting held with you.

    Make site ready

    4. Make the site ready

    Make your site ready for a check


    5. Site ready check

    Site ready check.

    Lay water main

    6. Lay water main

    We lay the water main.

    1. Review and accept your quote on the My Developments portal, and make payment.
    2. After your acceptance, agreement and payment is received, we will programme your works to be completed within 90 calendar days of payment or later if requested. We shall contact you to discuss the installation date, and arrange a pre-start meeting. A guide to our process can be found here (PDF 360KB).
    3. We arrange a site pre start meeting where we will discuss our requirements and confirm the installation date.
    4. Make your site ready for our installation (PDF 164KB).
    5. Two days before the install date of the water main, we will inspect your site (PDF 180KB) to ensure it is ready for our works.
    6. We will attend site and carry out our mains laying works.
  • Call-off process for services

    1. Payment

    Send payment for plots against service cost.

    Call off plots

    2. Call off plots

    Contact our team to call off the plots.


    3. Inspection

    We inspect 2 days before installation.


    4. Connections

    We attend and carry out connections.

    1. Send your payment for the appropriate plots against your service cost.
    2. Contact our team to request your required plots.
    3. You lay your pipework (onsite) (PDF 147KB) ready for our visit
    4. Two days before install we will inspect your site to ensure you're ready for our works. All work will need to be completed to our boundary box installation specification (PDF 392KB).
    5. We will attend site and complete the works.

    Please Note: Services greater than 50mm in outer diameter require disinfection before they can be connected. Please see our “Disinfection of Services (PDF 259KB)” leaflet for more information.

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