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Water pressure

Please check for any incidents or planned work in your area that could be affecting your water pressure.

If you're experiencing pressure and flow problems, fill out our questionnaire to help us to investigate and resolve your issue.

Find out more about pressure

Low pressure

About low pressure and what to do if you're experiencing pressure issues

Low pressure

Pipework responsibility

Check who's responsible for which pipes

Pipework responsibility

High pressure

When running your cold tap, you may notice a strong spurt of water. This is known as high pressure.

You can fit a pressure reducing valve anywhere on your own pipework or property, either internally at the point of entry to your property or externally on your supply pipe. This reduces the water pressure, often without affecting your water flow rate. A WaterSafe approved plumber can fit this for you. 

There is no maximum legal requirement for water pressure or flow, and we are unlikely to be able to reduce this quickly. 

Still need help?

If your water pressure is still affected, contact our team and we can help to give you the best advice. 

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