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New Builds and Renovations

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Getting water to your home is kind of like connecting the dots. Typically, we start by linking up a service pipe from our larger water main to the boundary of your property.

If you're in a bustling neighbourhood, you'll usually find this main right beneath the road or footpath, just waiting to be your water lifeline. But, if you're out in the countryside, that main might be a bit further away, so we'd need to lay a longer service pipe.

When it comes to a brand-new property, it's important that it has its very own water supply. Usually, we connect it using a standard 25mm connection to our water main to make sure your new home has all the water it needs! With this setup, you can expect a minimum flow rate of up to 9 litres per minute and at 10 metres/head (or 1 bar) of pressure at the boundary stop tap.

You might need a new or replacement water supply when:

  • You're building a fresh start/new property on an empty piece of land
  • You're knocking down an old property and building something new
  • Those aging pipes need an upgrade, especially if they're made of materials like lead or galvanized metal
  • Your water needs have grown, and you need a bigger connection
  • You want to change how the water pipe gets to your place from the nearby road
  • Your property currently shares a water supply with others, and you'd like your very own
  • You're dividing a single property into multiple ones.


Estimate my costs

When you send in an application, you will be charged a small fee. This helps us give you an exact quote for your project. To get an idea of what this fee might be, just click below. But if you're okay with an estimated cost and don't want to pay the fee, you can use our free estimator tool - click below for that!


How to Get Your Water Flowing

You've got your cost estimate, and you're all set to make it official! In this section, we'll walk you through the application process with helpful videos and step-by-step guides. We'll also highlight important considerations for connecting your properties. Let's make this happen together!

Before you dive in, take a moment to decide if you want your property to be water efficient – doing so can earn you a great discount if you let us know upfront! Plus, understanding if you need a fire supply is crucial for your property. If you're working on a business property, think about which retailer suits you best. And when you're at the finish line, consider teaming up with an approved plumber to save a little bit more. We're here to help you make the best choices every step of the way!

Be sure to watch the video down below for more info on all of this.


Your Easy Guide to Getting Your Water Connection

Get the lowdown on your water connection with our easy-to-follow guide. Check out our '5 Steps to Connection' document for a quick and breezy walkthrough!

Step 1: Application

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  1. Submit your application for a new connection.
  2. We will confirm we have everything needed to answer your enquiry within 5 calendar days of receiving your application.
  3. For further information, please click here

Please note: If the new connection is for Non-Household premises, a Retailer must be selected by the Developer. View a list of current Retailers.

Step 2: Design, survey and cost advice

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  1. Using the information provided within your application, we will:
    1. Review and identify the size, material and location of your new or replacement service connection
    2. Provide you with survey drawings confirming the size, material, cost and location of your new or replacement service connection. This may include barrier pipe.
  2. We will send you a cost advice within 28 Calendar Days after receiving the full and complete information. The cost advice issued will be a convertible quote meaning that we will also show costs which would be incurred should you choose to appoint an accredited self-lay provider to complete the works on our behalf
  3. For further information, please click here

Step 3: Payment

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  1. Once you have confirmed that you wish to proceed and have accepted the appropriate option as per your cost advice, you will be asked to make payment for the option you have selected. Please visit the ‘my payments’ section of our online customer portal
  2. For further information, please click here

Step 4: Laying your pipework

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  1. When you are ready for your connection please visit the “request for work” section of our online customer portal.
  2. As part of this process you will need to send us photographs of your installation. Details of our requirements can be found here.
  3. For further information, please click here

Please Note: Services greater than 50mm in outer diameter require disinfection before they can be connected. Please see our “Disinfection of Services” leaflet for more information.

Step 5: Completing the connection

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  1. Our site agents may visit the area before their installation team arrives (you do not have to be present).
  2. On the scheduled day our installation team will arrive to start the work. Please confirm you're ready for connection.
  3. Our installation team will complete the installation of our new pipework and connect to yours. They will install the new meters and are required to prove the supply and confirm the postal address. When everything is installed the team will leave site
  4. If any reinstatement is required this will be completed no more than 3 working days after the installation work
  5. For further information, please click here

Please Note: For Non-Household connections the Wholesaler shall notify the Market Operator within 5 Business Days of the connection having been made, in accordance with the Market Terms. You will be billed for the water used by your Retailer. Any changes to the ownership or responsibility for payment of water charges should be directed to your chosen Retailer. You are also able to switch your provider of Retail services.

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