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See how your business can become more water efficient

Did you know, we use more water in the South East region than almost anywhere else in the UK!

Water is a precious resource and we all need to work together to make sure there's enough water for each other and the environment, now and in the future. You can find out more information about our water resources here.

Reducing your usage

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There are many ways that businesses can reduce the amount of water consumption for their operations.

  • It is beneficial for businesses to understand and map their private pipework systems to assist in locating and isolating faults (i.e. leaks) quickly and efficiently. Wholesalers are unlikely to hold a record of private pipework beyond the mains water network.
  • Regularly checking and reading the water meter will help in identifying any increases in usage that could indicate faults along private pipework and infrastructure, such as leaks or faulty internal systems.
    • Consider installing sub-meters to monitor usage within your private network.
    • Consider employing a third party to review end to end usage via a water audit.


  • Employee engagement (increase awareness, provide water-saving information, set targets and stress the importance of using water wisely).
  • If the premises have water-fed internal systems, we recommend that they are checked regularly, and their configurations reviewed to support economical water usage, such as;
    • Limiting flushing cycles to use less water where possible (i.e. filtering systems, urinals)
    • Check toilets and taps for leakage regularly (including for faulty cisterns)
    • Utilising and settings electronic timers where available to use water only when necessary (i.e heating, sprinkler and irrigation systems)


  • Secure outside taps and hoses. Ensure these are monitored so water is not wasted due to an error or unauthorised access.
  • Utilise water butts to collect water for gardening and landscaping.
  • During the summer months ensure water use is kept to early or late in the day to ensure water isn't wasted. Limiting the use of hosepipe and sprinklers will not only help with usage but reduce demand that may arise during hot weather peaks.
  • There are many ways to reduce your water usage and your retailer may be able to offer you advice and services to assist with this.

Identifying leaks

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There are some signs which may indicate you have a leak such as ;

  • Damp patches in or outside the property
  • Lush vegetation in dry periods may be indications of leaking pipes
  • Leaking overflow systems
  • For metered customers, this may show as an unexplained increase in your usage on your bill

Do I have a leak? (Metered Customers)

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Make sure nothing in your property is using water at the moment

Take a meter reading - make sure you get all the numbers on your meter and note this down and then wait 15 minutes.

If you can't do then, then we suggest this activity is done overnight, with the reading obtained once you have closed your business and stopped using water.

If your meter readings are the same

If your meter readings are the same then no water has passed through your meter and you do not have a free-flowing leak.

You may be using more water than you realise, or you may have an intermittent leak somewhere inside your property.

If your meter readings are different

If your meter readings are different then you may have a leak at your property. Please continue to - Where is my leak

Where is my leak?

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  • Switch off your internal stop tap.
  • Run your kitchen tap (this is often the closest), it should flow for a few moments and then dry up, this confirms that you have successfully switched off your internal stop tap and isolated your property from the supply outside.
  • Take a third-meter reading and then wait 15 minutes
  • Take a fourth-meter reading

If your meter readings are the same

If your meter readings are the same then you have a leak inside your property. You know this because closing your internal stop tap has stopped the leak. This is an internal leak.

If your meter readings are different

If your meter readings are different then you have a leak outside between your water meter and your internal stop tap.

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