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Wholesale Operational Service Desk

A dedicated, primary point of contact for all Retailer enquires and services.

0345 350 3677

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

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Relationship/Account Management

Find out who you should contact if you have any questions or queries

Day to day operational contact is managed by our Wholesale Operational Service Desk (WOSD). They can be contacted here.

Settlement and contract queries are managed by our Wholesale Commercial team. They can be contacted at

All market designed processes are managed via our Retailer portal (SWIM-Pool), which you automatically receive access to one you have contracted with us. Please contact our Wholesale Service Desk if you have any access issues or require an account.

We understand that retailers have varying needs regardless of the volume of supply points and we will set up a schedule that fits your requirements. If you would like to arrange an account management meeting with us, please contact either the Wholesale Service Desk Manager or Contract Manager. Details below:

As a standard, we supply a weekly bi-lateral rejections report to all retailers (if applicable) and produce a monthly report which is distributed to all retailers. 


For any escalations please contact the Wholesale Service Desk manager in the first instance.