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You can access our different charges and services below

Accredited Entities

Please click below for details on which accredited entity schemes we currently recognise. Our code of practice scopes and addendum is available to view here.

Alternative Eligible Credit Agreements 

Please click below for details about our alternative eligible credit support agreement offering, details of previous consultations and a list of executed agreements.

Meter Reading & Data Logging Services

Please click here for details on our meter reading service available to all retailers and information regarding data logging for both retailers and third parties.

Our Charges 

You can access our wholesale tariff documents, invoicing timetable and other tariff/charge relating documents. Our tariff document is also available in excel format. Any consultations we have issued are also available here.

Relationship/Account Management 

For details on who best to contact should you wish to set up regular account meetings, submit settlement or contact queries, or who to contact should our normal processes be exhausted, and an escalation is required

Trade Effluent, Sewerage & Drainage 

Affinity Water are a water only company. Please click here for details on who to contact should you have a query or emergency relating to sewerage or drainage.

Water Mapping

Find out details on how to obtain plans showing where our clean water mains are located across our three supply regions.

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