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Having a water meter puts you in control of your bill.

You can see how much water you use and if you use less water you are also likely to save on your energy bills! Use our water calculator to see how you might be better off on a meter.

Keeping you safe when we visit

We have recently started installing water meters again as part of our Metering Programme. As we move out of lockdown this video will show you the safety precautions we are taking to keep you and our teams safe. We make sure we follow the government health advice. For more advice visit

Our Metering Programme

As part of our Metering Programme, we'll be installing around 280,000 household meters. We will give customers the choice to keep paying non-metered charges for up to two years after their meter is installed.

We will be installing meters in the following areas:

Water Saving Programme map

Apply for a water meter

You can apply for a meter to be installed ahead of our Metering Programme, however, there are benefits in waiting for an installation as part of the programme - but if you apply now, you will just be put straight onto a metered tariff.

View our Metering Policy for more information.

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