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Water meters are a great way to help make you more aware of how much water you use and put you in control of your bill, as you can save money if you use less water. ​ ​

Did you know that parts of our supply area here in the Southeast of England have been identified as being severely water stressed? That’s because climate change and a booming population are putting a squeeze on our precious water resources. Water meters are key to helping us tackle this challenge. Plus they'll also help us identify any leaks or wastage at your home, so we can take action and prevent unnecessary water loss.​ ​

The benefits of having a water meter fitted:​

  • You'll only pay for what you use​
  • You can track your usage and identify areas where you can reduce your use, helping to save water​
  • You can find leaks at your home early and prevent water waste, saving both water and money​
  • By using water more efficiently, you'll be helping to keep more water in our local environment​

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How to read your water meter

Watch our handy how-to video to find out how to read and submit your meter readings

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