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Our journey to installing smart meters, helping you monitor your water usage

In the next five years and beyond, there may not be enough water to meet the needs of everyone who lives in our region, unless we all make some changes. To help reduce the water-stress , we first introduced meters; to help you understand the amount of water you use and pay for that amount.

Meters have proven to be great at helping to reduce the amount of water used in a home. To keep growing, we’re beginning the installation of another meter option (called a Smart meter). Smart meters can measure, record, and share water consumption remotely several times daily to put you in charge of your water usage.

Installing a Smart meter shows you the amount of water used in your home and will help you spot leaks, which can save money and protect the environment. Smart meter data is more accurate and regular, and can help you to reduce the amount of water you’re using.

What we’re working on

We're using the OFWAT Infrastructure Delivery Project to put in 20,000 Smart meters by March 2025. In the next five years, we plan to install another 380,000 Smart meters in our region.

We’ll soon start a pilot phase in a number of homes. Our customers will be contacted directly to explain the installation process and benefits of Smart meters. Once we know more about how the pilot has gone, and have approval from OFWAT, we’ll continue installing Smart meters in other homes in our areas.

Your Smart meter questions answered

Can I apply for a Smart meter?

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As we’re still early into the plan for Smart metering, you currently can’t apply. However, we’ll be in touch with you directly if you’ll be getting a Smart meter.

Are Smart meters safe for health?

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Yes, they’re safe. The Smart meters we’re installing comply with UK and EU safety regulations and will only emit a very low amount of radio waves, much less than a mobile phone.

How can a Smart meter help reduce water consumption?

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Smart meters share near real-time data so you can measure and track how much water you’re using, and when . It puts you in control of managing your water usage by helping you understand your habits and pinpoint where water is being wasted or if there could be a leak.

What’s the difference between a meter and a Smart meter?

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Meters are devices used that measure the amount of water used by homes or businesses. They come in two main types: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) meters.

What is a meter? - An AMR meter is a meter that automatically collects and transmits the water used to us at regular intervals when a vehicle drives by to register the data.

What is a smart meter? - A (Smart) AMI meter is a meter that communicates to us directly. AMI meters provide real-time data up to 30 times a day on water usage, allowing customers to monitor their consumption patterns

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