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Meter Reading & Data Logging Services

  • Meter Reading Services

    We offer meter reading services to retailers for non-household addresses within our supply area.

    Please see the MOSL Good Practice Guidance documentation for further information, including contact details for all wholesalers who offer a meter reading service within their respective supply area. 

    If you would like further information on the meter reading service we provide here at Affinity Water, please contact our Wholesale Commercial team directly -

    A copy of our standard terms and conditions and technical specification can be found below:

  • Meter Data & Logging

    Meter Data & Logging - Policies and Guidance

    This section details the process required for both retailers and third parties who wish to log meters or request meters or request data sharing on their customer's behalf. The documents below set out our requirements for the installation of external loggers or similar devices for data retrieval and transmission on our meters and the terms and conditions upon which we will allow equipment to be installed. Please view our data logging good practice adoption document for a breakdown.

    We allow applications directly from third parties, but these require a letter of authority (LOA) from the non-household customer to be submitted at the time of the application. If you are a third party and not currently registered on our systems we will have to take you through our onboarding process prior to proceeding with your application.

    Please submit your application via email either by attaching a completed form or providing the relevant details within your email request to our Wholesale Operations Service Desk (WOSD) – If you have any questions please contact us directly.

    • We aim to respond to all data logging feasibility requests with 5BD's in line with the good practice guidance.
    • If as part of your application we identify the requirement for a splitter we will advise you and confirm the costs involved. Depending on what's involved we'll either visit your customers to fit the splitter or arrange a site survey to check what's needed. When the splitter has been fitted, we'll let you know that the work has been completed.
    • We aim to install a splitter within 22BD’s of the costs being accepted, in line with the good practice guidance.
    • If a meter cannot be logged due to it’s age and it is >15 years old we will exchange this free of charge. Retailers must initiate the B7 process, third parties can email us directly.
    • If a meter cannot be logged due to it’s age and it is <15 years old a charge is applicable. Retailers must initiate the B7 process, third parties can email us directly.

    Access to Wholesaler Logger Data

    Where we have installed a logger on a non-household meter to enable us to understand night use as part of our leakage calculation for a zone this information is available upon request. There is no obligation for us to maintain the provision of such data. Data can be provided in two ways and our charges applicable to this are outlined in our published Wholesale Tariff Document.

    • a download of data by our technician
    • an account to access the on-line data portal (data will be made available for one year)

    We will need 10BD’s notice for either of the requests above. Further information is available within our terms and conditions.

  • Meter Menu

    Please see below for a list of water meters that are approved by Affinity Water for use and installed by us. These meters are all capable of transmitting usage data and readings. They are also all capable of having an external logger applied to it. We welcome views from retailers on the meter stock we use, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any feedback, observations or suggestions. This will enable us to make sure we make the right decisions when making decisions as to what meters we supply.

    All meters will be provided by Affinity Water and we do not accept privately installed/exchanged water meters. We may issue charges to replace private meters with our own approved meters.

    AWL Reference Meter Description Pyshical Meter Size No. Of Digits Remote Reading Flag Remote Read Types Outreader Protocol
    60.10.010 Woltex DN50 Fitted with Everblu WE050HI200_C1PP_AF DN50 6 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.10.020 Woltex DN80 Fitted with Everblu WE080IG200_C1PP_AF DN80 6 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.10.030 Woltex DN100 Fitted with Everblu WE100KK250_C1PP_AF DN100 6 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.10.040 Woltex DN150 Fitted with Everblu WE150MK300_C1PP_AF DN150 7 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.20.205 Aquadis+ DN15 Inline Fitted with Everblu AQ15134CB135VMEE31 DN15 5 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.20.220 Aquadis+ DN20 Inline Fitted with Everblu AQ20QC160VMUKEE35 DN20 5 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.20.225 Aquadis+ DN25 Inline Fitted with Everblu AQ025DM260_C0_UKAF DN25 5 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.20.240 Aquadis+ DN40 Inline Fitted with Everblu AQ040FM300_C0_UKAF DN40 5 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output
    60.20.503 Aquadis+ DN15 Inline Fitted with Everblu AQP15MSB315VMEE31 DN15 5 Yes 2 Way Pulse Output

    If you have queries about the capabilities of our older meter models please contact us directly and we will answer and questions you may have.

Data Logging FAQ's