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Hydrant Licence

In order to draw water from a hydrant in our area you will need to apply for a licence.

Due to ongoing Covid 19 implications, we are unable to hire or sell Standpipes. Our Standpipes are unmetered and customers can use their own, as long as the equipment is in good condition and has a working double check valve.

You may only draw from our network if you have an Affinity Water issued licence. It is an offence under section 174 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to draw water without permission and we may take legal proceedings against unauthorised users. Unauthorised use increases the risk of contamination to the public water supply on our network, possible reduction in pressure, or even a mains failure.

Our supply area

To find out what area we cover, view our supply map or use our post code search.

Apply for a licence

We can offer an Annual Hydrant licence or a Short Term Hydrant licence. You will need a licence for each standpipe you wish to use on our Network.

Our friendly and efficient team can often turn applications around in a day or two. However, for more complex applications, such as the withdrawal of large volumes of water (over 15m3 per day), or the use of a 63mm standpipe at a specified point, please allow up to 7 working days.

Annual licence

Access to over 280 pre-selected approved points throughout the Affinity Water network. (if you are licensed to use these points, you must closely follow the Approved Washout List)

Licences run from 1 April – 31 March and you can apply at any time.

This option allows companies to fill up and transport water over short distances to the required site.

Short-term licence

You can specify which particular hydrant you want to access to for a period shorter than a year.

This option is more suited to companies who are working on a specific site

Please note not all hydrants are suitable for use but the hydrant would be checked before and after use by one of our Technicians

Please note: It is against our Terms and Conditions to access any hydrant point other than those listed on the licence. If you use any other hydrant points, you may be charged for any unauthorised use and legal proceedings may be taken.

What happens after you apply

You will receive confirmation of charges and an inspection of the hydrant will be arranged.

Your licence will be issued subject to:

  • Satisfactory inspection of your equipment
  • Payment
  • Usage training

Contact us

For further information please contact the Hydrant Enforcement Team at

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