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To attach to a hydrant and get water network access you’ll need a valid Affinity Water hydrant licence.

You can apply for a hydrant licence to cover daily, weekly, monthly, or annual usage. Once you’ve completed our application form, we’ll calculate your quotation based on:

  • Estimated daily use.
  • The size of the standpipe.
  • Quantity of hydrant/washouts required to be used.
  • The period for which the licence is required.

Please note:

  • Licences are payable in advance. An invoice can be raised for you to make payment against.
  • All standpipes used must be fitted with an approved double-check valve to protect against backflow.
  • Affinity Water accepts no responsibilities with regard to wholesomeness when the water has left the network.
  • If you’re using the hydrant against the terms of your licence, we reserve the right to charge an unauthorised use fee for that usage, and legal proceedings may be taken.
  • We reserve the right to stop the use of hydrant/washouts due to operational needs or in the event of a Temporary Use Ban (drought).

You may only draw from our network if you have an Affinity Water issued licence. It’s an offence under section 174 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to draw water without permission and we may take legal proceedings against unauthorised users. Unauthorised use increases the risk of contamination to the public water supply on our network, possible reduction in pressure, or even a mains failure.

Has somebody connected to our water network that you think shouldn't?

While many of our business customers have permission to use our network, some don’t, and they may even use it illegally. When unauthorised water usage happens, it can impact the water supply for others in the area.

Licence types

We can offer an annual licence or a short-term licence. You’ll need a licence for each hydrant you wish to use on our network.

Annual Hydrant Licence

This licence is for companies who need to be licenced each year. You’ll have access to over 280 pre-selected and approved points throughout the Affinity Water network. The Approved Washout list will highlight any restrictions such as time restricted areas, or those unsuitable for tankers etc.

Licences run from 1st April – 31st March each year, though you can apply at any time. The charges will be prorated if you join later in the year. We’ll contact you in March with a renewal quotation for the next year's use.

Short Term Hydrant Licence

You can specify which hydrant/washout you want to access for up to a year.

This option is more suited to companies who are working on a specific site. Please note not all hydrants/washouts are suitable for use. They’ll be checked before use by one of our technicians. A short-term licence can take up to 7 days to put in place. If you’re able to transport the water to the site, you can ask for use of a location on our Approved Washout list.

It’s against our Terms and Conditions to access any hydrant point other than those listed on the licence. If you use any other hydrant points, or take more water than stated on the licence, you may be charged an unauthorised use fee and legal proceedings may be taken.

What happens after you apply

You’ll receive a quotation based on your requirements, and we’ll arrange for an inspection of the hydrant/washout. Your licence will be issued subject to:

  • Satisfactory standpipe inspection to check that it’s in good condition and is fitted with an approved double-check valve. We can accept a photo of the standpipe.
  • Confirmation from the Technician that the hydrant/washout is suitable for use, if not using from the Approved Washout list.
  • Payment being made in full, in advance of use.
  • Acceptance of our training. 63mm standpipe training will be carried out via MS Teams. For 19mm standpipes we will attach our ‘Usage and Disinfection’ leaflet with your licence.

Our supply area

To find out what area we cover, view our supply map or use our post code search.

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