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Getting a water meter fitted can help put you in control of your water usage.

If you use less water, you save more money – it’s that simple! Of course, that depends on your home and who lives there, but we’ve created a tool that shows you how much your average annual water bill is likely to cost on a water meter. ​ ​

  1. Enter Your Postcode: Start by typing in your postcode. This helps us estimate the costs in your area.​
  2. Household Details: Let us know how many people live in your home. The amount of water used tends to increase with more occupants, so this information makes sure you get a more accurate estimate.​
  3. Usage Level: Are you heavy water users, average, or low? Select the option that best describes your household's water usage habits. This allows us to adjust the estimate accordingly.​ ​

Once you've provided these details, we'll display an estimate of your potential savings with a water meter. Seeing the difference may surprise you!

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