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Our board of directors

The directors of Affinity Water Limited are shown below. Where a director holds other directorships within the Affinity Water Group of companies, the numbers listed alongside his or her name may be cross referenced to the relevant company shown on the structure chart.

Director membership of our Board Committees is also listed by letter, alongside the relevant director’s name:

  • Audit Committee: (A)

  • Remuneration Committee: (R)

  • Nomination Committee: (N)

  • Safety, Health, Environment and Drinking Water Quality Committee (S)

Chairman (Non-executive)

Tony Cocker, Chairman (Non-Executive)

Tony Cocker (R)(N)

Appointment to the Board: 15 January 2018 (appointed Chairman on 30 January 2018)

The Board considered Tony Cocker to be independent on his appointment.

Qualifications: Tony has a BA and D.Phil from Oxford University, and a Master of Business Administration (‘MBA’).

Skills and career experience: Tony has significant experience in the utilities industry, having worked for E.ON SE for 20 years, most recently as CEO and Chairman of E.ON UK plc. Prior to this he was Strategic Planning Manager of Bass plc and Associate Manager at LEK Consulting.

Other current business interests: Tony is Governor and Deputy Chairman of Warwick Independent Schools Foundation and is non-executive Chairman of Infinis Energy Management Limited. He is also non-executive Chairman of the Energy Innovation Centre and in May 2018 was appointed a non-executive director of SSE plc.

Independent non-executive directors

Ann Bishop

Ann Bishop

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Trevor Didcock

Trevor Didcock (R)(S)

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Susan Hooper

Susan Hooper (R)(N)

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Mark Horsley

Mark Horsley

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Chris Newsome

Chris Newsome (A)(S)

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Justin Read (A)(N)

Justin Read (A)(N)

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Executive directors

Pauline Walsh

Pauline Walsh, CEO (S)(2)(3)

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Stuart Ledger

Suart Ledger, CFO (2)(3)(4)(12)(13)(14)

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Non-executive directors

Tony Roper

Tony Roper (A)(N)(S) (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(19)

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Jaroslava Korpanec

Jaroslava Korpanec (A)(R)(N)(S) (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(16)(19)

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Angela Roshier

Angela Roshier (R)(S) (2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10)(17)(19)

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Company Secretary

Sunita Kaushal

Our senior management team

Chief Executive Officer - Pauline Walsh
Chief Financial Officer - Stuart Ledger
Chief Information Officer - Andrew Morris
Director of Asset Strategy Data and Innovation - Keith Gardner
Director of Assurance - Gurvinder Badesha
Director of Corporate Affairs - Jake Rigg
Director of Customer Operations - Joe Brownless
Director of HR and Culture - Sue Flower
Director of Production & Supply - Graham Turk
Director of Regulation & Strategy - Steve Hervouet
General Counsel and Company Secretary - Sunita Kaushal

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