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Working with Affinity Water.

Affinity Water (AWL) works closely with contracted suppliers to ensure best value for delivery of works, goods and services. Tender processes are followed to ensure we contract with the appropriate suppliers and Affinity Water’s Category managers work directly with contracted suppliers to manage specific large spend areas.

Our Procurement governance rules

The European Union Procurement Directives establish public procurement rules throughout the European Union and these apply to any public purchases made by Utilities through the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016 above defined thresholds. The purpose of the directives is to open up public procurement within the European Union and to ensure the free movement of supplies, services and works.

The directives apply common principles of transparency, open competition and sound procedural management to public contract award procedures.

Where a contract is identified, we must consider the estimated total contract value to determine a route to market. The table below outlines the EU Procurement Directives Thresholds as at 1st January 2016 for utilities contracts:

  Supplies Services Works
All sectors £378,660 £378,660 £4,733,252

Where appropriate the following approach(es) will be applied:

Advertising Opportunities

For requirements in excess of £50k, AWL often uses the Achilles Vendor Database to identify potential suppliers. Where applicable, suppliers may need to register with Achilles UVDB and obtain a Verify accreditation depending on the goods and/or services you supply. This will typically apply to high risk suppliers who will be carrying out works on site, whether supervised or unsupervised. AWL will not meet or reimburse any of the costs incurred by suppliers in registering with Achilles UVDB or gaining Verify accreditation. For further details please visit

Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)

A pre-qualification questionnaire may be sent to shortlist suppliers prior to tenders being issued. Typically the questionnaire will ask for information about suppliers to assess relevant previous experience and capability.

Invitation to Tender (ITT) or Request for Quotation (RFQ)

These are common terms for the full tender document which includes specifications and a request for prices and will assess the quality and cost aspect of the proposed solution. Suppliers should ensure they submit their tenders by the stipulated deadline(s).

Evaluation of Tenders

Tenders received by AWL are evaluated and scored according to a set of pre-determined criteria, generally by a panel of key stakeholders. The suppliers may be asked for further clarification at this stage, tender interviews may also be required.

Award of Contract

Our award criteria will be specified within the tender documents. Tenderers will be notified of the award of contract, and for any tenders over the EU threshold a 10 day standstill period will apply prior to enter into the contract(s).

Terms and Conditions

When working with Affinity Water, we expect our suppliers to adhere to our relevant policies and procedures. Affinity Water uses both model forms of contract and our own standard terms and conditions, which are shared with potential suppliers to price against as part of the tender process. All other purchases are made on Affinity Water’s standard terms and conditions, which can be found here: .

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