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Water Resources Management Plan

Every five years we produce a Water Resources Management Plan to ensure water is available for our customers and communities.

Our Plan sets out how we will provide a reliable, resilient, efficient and affordable water supply to customers from 2020 to 2080, whilst protecting the environment.

Our Plan addresses the need to balance the availability of water supply with the demand for water from customers. We also continue to strive to help protect the environment and improve the resilience of our water supplies to droughts and other challenges.


Our Final Plan and associated documents can be found below:

Water Resources Management Plan 2020-2080

Water Resources Management Plan 2020-2080 – Non-technical summary

Strategic Environmental Assessment Report

Strategic Environmental Assessment Appendices

Habitats Regulations Assessment

Water Resources Management Plan 2020-2080 - Technical Appendices


  • Statement of Response

    We ran a further consultation on our revised draft plan between 1 March to 26 April 2019 and received over 800 representations on our revised draft plan. We published our Statement of Response to this setting out what customers and stakeholders have told us and how we have taken their views into account. We have also published an addendum to the Statement of Response in response to further information request by The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

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