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Why is my bill high?

If you think your bill is too high, we can help you find out why

When you have a meter, the most likely reason for a high bill is high water usage. There are plenty of reasons why water usage might be high or suddenly increase.

Did you know...

In the last six months, have you...

  • had any leaking taps, toilets or pipes?
  • had any water-using appliances develop a fault, or bought any new water-using appliances?
  • had any additional people staying at the property, or had a baby?
  • had any building work, DIY or decorating at your property?
  • had more people been at home recently than normal?
  • filled a pond, swimming pool or hot tub?

Do any of the above apply to you?

  • No

    I'm still not sure why my bill is high

    If this doesn’t explain your high water usage, you may have a leak or other issue that you're not yet aware of. Please complete a leak check before contacting us.

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