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31 May 22

Affinity Water encourages families to spot the species this Jubilee bank holiday and support its biodiversity agenda

There are a few notable sites within the Affinity Water supply area that are wildlife havens, including Stockers Lake in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and Dungeness NNR in Southeast Kent.

Stocker’s Lake is managed for wildlife in partnership with the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust, more information on the reserve can be found here.

Dungeness NNR is managed for wildlife in partnership with the RSPB, more information on the reserve can be found here.

At Stocker's Lake:

You will be able to spot the black headed gull and common tern who migrate to this important wetland to feed and breed. They can be spotted at the viewpoint along the causeway on the north-east side of the lake.

How many ducks can you spot? Ducks such as pochard, gadwell and tufted ducks are migrating into the area too so look out for their coloured heads on the lake.

You can also look out for the turquoise flash of Kingfishers that can be seen flying along the River Colne or perching on a branch looking for fish.

Along the sunny paths you will be able to see a variety of beautiful butterflies. If you see a flash of white and orange, this will be the orange tip butterfly, often seen on their food plant, garlic mustard. Also keep an eye out for the pretty common and small blue butterflies that flitting around the long grass this time of year.

At Dungeness NNR:

At Dungeness NNR you may be able to spot the beautiful iridescent glossy ibis. Look out for its distinctive rusty red and black plumage and long curved bill.

Want to spot more ducks? The Ring-Necked Duck can also be seen at Dungeness from Hanson Hide.

The RSPB have also recently opened a new Axell viewpoint and willow trail boardwalk at Dungeness, take a stroll and keep an eagle eye out for Bitten, with their mottled plumage, lurking in the reeds.

Sophie Mortimer, who’s managing the partnerships with Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust and the RSPB for Affinity Water explained: “We work closely with our partners to manage these sites in a way which protects nature and helps wildlife to thrive, whilst also making nature accessible to our communities. We know how important it is for young people and families to be able to connect with nature and appreciate the multitude of species that live on our sites.

“We’ve been out and about with our partners this Spring, assessing what species are currently inhabiting Stockers and Dungeness. We wanted to share this knowledge with the public so that this Jubilee Bank Holiday they can take their families and children out to enjoy spotting some of these summer species.

“Our biodiversity programme is committed to protecting, restoring, and enhancing protected habitats and species and linking Affinity Water land to the wider landscape. We hope families will enjoy our spot the species challenge this Jubilee Bank Holiday.”

HMWT have created a guided walk for Stockers Lake which can be downloaded here.

Take a look and see how many you can tick off!

For further information please contact Kevin Barton on:

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