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Can I have a meter if I live in a flat?

In most cases, we can fit a meter if you live in a flat.

If you have a separate supply pipe and external stop tap (stop cock) for your flat, the meter can be fitted in exactly the same way as a house. It would be outside, on the boundary of your property, fitted underground on the external stop tap.

However, it is possible that you might share a water supply with your neighbour/s. A shared supply is where there is a single supply pipe bringing water to the building which then splits to each flat. Since we would normally fit a meter outside at the boundary, with a shared supply we will almost certainly not be able to do so because we would then be measuring the water used by your neighbours too!

Meters can be fitted inside or outside a property, so an internal meter may be a possible solution if you are on a joint or shared supply. We will happily make an appointment to check if it is possible to install a meter to your individual property. There is no charge for this visit or to fit the meter.

You can apply for a meter by clicking here.

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