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Can I have a meter if I live in a flat?

In most cases, we should be able to fit a meter if you live in a flat.

If your flat has a separate supply pipe and external stop tap, then the meter can be fitted in the exact same way as it can in a house.

However, it’s possible that you share a supply with your neighbour(s). This is when one single supply pipe brings water to the building, and then it splits to each flat. If we were to fit a meter on a shared supply, we would be measuring the water used by your neighbours as well as your own! Therefore, it’s not possible to fit a meter when this is the case.

If you’re on a joint or shared supply, then we may still be able to fit a meter internally. Once you’ve made an appointment, our team will check if it’s possible to install a meter to your property. There is no charge for this visit, or to fit the meter.

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