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What happens when I report a leak?

Find out about our leakage process.

Fixing leaks isn’t always easy. We appreciate that you can get frustrated when you see a leak, report it, and then walk past it two days later and find that it hasn't been fixed. Please be assured we are doing something about it, the 5 stages below shows you exactly what we do and how long it can take.

If a leak is causing severe flooding, damage or poses a risk to property or people, we will arrange for a team to visit as soon as possible and carry out repairs as an emergency.

Stage 1 - Leak reports

When we receive a report of a leak, either from customers or from our leakage teams, we’ll aim to send out a Customer Service Technician within 2 working days to investigate.

Stage 2 - Leak investigation

A technician will then attend the site to find out where the water is coming from, using specialised leakage detection equipment. In some cases we take a water sample and carry out analysis on the water to determine if it is coming from our network. 

If the leak is found on our network, our technician will make an assessment of the leak and will ask our planning team to schedule a repair.

If the leak is on a private pipe, we will notify the pipe owners, who will be responsible for repairing it.

Stage 3 - Planning of works

A date will be scheduled by our planning team for work to commence. Where necessary we will work with local authorities and traffic management teams to ensure work is done safely and causes minimum disruption. 

Stage 4 - Repair of leak

A repair team will attend to fix the leak. If necessary there may be a possible interruption to your water supply. However, this will be kept to a minimum and we will notify you if this is required.

Stage 5 - Reinstatement of repair site

After the leak is repaired, we will make the area safe and put everything back as it was – e.g. resurfacing the road or re-seeding the grass.

Please allow up to 3 working days for the reinstatement to be complete in full.

We try to fix any leaks as soon as possible, but due to the volume of leaks we resolve, as well as the approval we may need to gain from the council, the work may take longer.

Our main priority is to ensure everyone has access to fresh water. Therefore all scheduled appointments are subject to change due to any sudden emergency work.

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