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How can I report a water leak?

Thanks for being a water leak spotter!

You can send us details of the water leak using our online form by clicking on this link: Reporting a leak

We will ask our technician to visit as soon as possible (within 3 working days). The technician will try to repair the leak if possible or will arrange for a gang to carry out the work. They'll also assess how urgent the leak is and will ask our planners to schedule in the repair.

If you believe the leak is an emergency please contact us by phone. An emergency is where there is any danger to the public, where flooding or damage is being caused to someone's home or business or where the water is causing a traffic hazard because of flooding or damage to the roadway. In these circumstances, you should telephone us straight away, so that we can attend urgently.

If the leak is on private land, perhaps from a leaking overflow or pipes in the ground, it is generally the responsibility of the landowner, householder or landlord and we may not be able to help. Please complete our leak reporting form and we will be happy to investigate.

If the leak is on your own property but outside your building, you may need advice on repairing supply pipes, please click here to find out how we can help with your query. You, or the property owner if you are a tenant, will usually be responsible for carrying out repairs within the boundary of your property

If you are responsible for the maintenance of the water supply to your property, we recommend you consider protecting your home from unexpected water related emergencies with a range of cover brought to you by HomeServe Membership Ltd. You can find out more about HomeServe by clicking on this link. If you apply online you can also benefit from a generous discount.

Our affinity partner, HomeServe, also offers customers a cost-effective and reliable solution in the event of a plumbing, drainage or water supply pipe emergency. This service is offered to our customers who do not hold a HomeServe insurance policy and provides Instant Cover with a value promise.

  • HomeServe will agree to a price up front, no hidden call-out fees or hourly rate fees.
  • They will aim to be with you in 3 hours for emergencies or same day for water supply pipe jobs.
  • HomeServe only uses approved engineers who are monitored and audited for quality and expertise.
  • Repairs come with a guarantee and they are so confident in the quality of work that you don't need to pay until the work is done.
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