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Can I work on water pipes?

You are allowed to carry out any work on pipes which are on your side of your property boundary, regardless of whether inside or outside any buildings. You must have permission of the land-owner and comply with the appropriate regulations. You do not need to ask for our permission. You may also operate the boundary or external stop tap, even if this is on the public highway (unless you have to dig). Be careful not to cause any damage. Find out more about external stop taps here.

You must not dig on the public highway, remove, change or move our meter, if you have one, nor anything on our side of the stop tap. If you are relaying water pipes, you may be able to connect your new pipework to the existing pipework at the boundary of your property. If you wish to re-lay your supply pipe and connect to the mains outside your property boundary, you must contact us before you start work and we will advise what you need to do. Contact our Developer Services team to discuss further.