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Can I have my meter moved to a different place?

We usually try to install meters externally, as the Company's policy is not to install meters inside a customer's property, except as a last resort.

Is your meter fitted inside your house?
If your meter has been fitted inside your property, there is a possibility that it could not be fitted outside and so it's very likely it is not possible to move it.
The most common reason for an internal meter fit is that adjoining properties are on a joint or shared supply. If you are on a shared supply, your external stop tap is usually shared with your neighbours and we can't use this to fit a meter. If we fitted a meter at the shared stop tap, we would be recording all the water going to all the connected properties. In these circumstances, we would not be able to move your meter to an outside location unless you had a new separate supply laid.

If your meter is fitted internally, it will be in the same location as your internal stop tap. If you intend to carry out improvements, to your kitchen for example, which involve moving the internal stop tap, it may be possible to move your meter to the new internal stop tap location. If your new meter is fitted internally, we will fit a meter that can be read remotely, so that we do not need you to be at home to get an actual meter reading.

Is your meter fitted outside, for example, on your drive, in your garden or in the public footpath?
If your meter is fitted externally, this will be on your supply pipe, the pipe which provides water to the whole property, normally in the same location as your external stop tap. You cannot usually move the meter unless the stop tap and all the associated pipework is going to be moved too. The choice of location for an external meter is very limited, as it needs to be fitted in the flow of water to the whole property. The depth of pipework is dictated by the slope of the surrounding area, so this means we can't lift the meter to be higher in the ground, for example.

If you don't have an external stop tap or your external stop tap is buried, you will need to arrange to have a new stop tap installed on your side of the property boundary. We would not normally carry out this work and you would need to get your own plumber to carry out any work.

If it is possible to move your meter, we do make a charge for this service. Please see our charges scheme  in the Meter Installation Charges section, for details.
If you would like to arrange a visit from our customer service technician to see if it would be possible to move your meter, please call to speak to an advisor. The initial visit will be free of charge but please note that technicians can only attend between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday. We are sorry but we cannot make appointments for weekends or evenings.
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