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Can I get an £100 supply pipe repair contribution?

To be eligible for a £100 contribution towards the cost of your repair, you must first inform us that you have found a leak on your supply pipe. Depending on your comments and findings we may not need to attend your property to confirm this. If you are uncertain about the leak we will visit the site and advise you.


To qualify for the payment you must complete the renewal of the entire supply pipe from the internal stop tap to the boundary of your property. You will need to do this within 21 days of the date on which you first informed us of the leakage. A claim form will be sent to you asking for your bank details. You must return this claim form within 21 days of notifying us that the supply pipe has been renewed.


Please note if you are on a shared supply then all the responsible owners have to renew their part of the supply pipe for everyone to qualify.

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