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Why aren't all customers on meters?

In the past, many customers have paid water charges based on the rateable value of their property. This means that some customers bills do not relate to the amount of water they use. For many customers, this will mean they will pay less when they move on to a meter. However, for some customers, this will mean they will pay more. This is likely to be the case where the rateable value of a property is low and water consumption is high.

The use of rateable value charges or unmeasured charges was common in the past when saving water was much less important. As a result, not everyone is on a meter.

Our Business Plan research showed that most customers think that a water meter is the fairest way to charge for their water use. A water meter helps to reduce their metered water bill – if they use less water.

During the two-year period after their meter is installed, we will provide customers with information about their usage and show them what they would pay on a meter, compared with their current bill. We will support those customers who do see an increase, by providing targeted information and advice on how to reduce their bills.

As 21% of household heating bills relate to heating water if customers use less water they are likely to save money on their energy bills too.



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