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My meter has been fitted, what happens next?

Once your water meter has been fitted, we will change your account to a metered account. We will send you a new bill showing your closing unmetered account and your new metered account. The new bill can take little time to prepare, but the account will show the changes from the date your meter is fitted. While you wait for the new bill, you should continue to make payments, as usual, to avoid falling behind. We will take account of any money you have already paid when we prepare your new metered bill.

Regular billing

Once we start regular metered billing, you will normally receive a bill every 6 months rather than once a year. We will keep all your other details the same, including the way you pay, whether you pay monthly or every time we send you a bill. If you wish to change the way you pay and you can find out more by clicking here Other ways to pay

When we install your water meter we usually leave you an information pack that includes details about your new meter, metered accounts and how to save water.

Reading your meter

We will try to read your meter every 6 months, just before we send your bill but, if we have to estimate your bill, you can always send us your own meter reading. You can find out how to read your meter in this handy video reading your water meter. Please note, we are required to read your meter at least once a year even if you have read it yourself.

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