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I want to replace my mains water pipe

You are responsible for installing and maintaining the water pipes within the boundaries of your property. If you need to replace the pipes, you will need to get your own plumber and pay for any work.

This includes all water pipes inside and drainage and supply pipes outside that are still within your property boundary. Because these pipes are privately owned, we do not have information about where they are within your property boundaries.

You may also be responsible for pipework that is not on your property. This is explained in our separate section on shared supply.
Can I or my contractor work on water pipes?

If you're concerned about lead pipes on your property, you can find out more about lead.

If you're concerned about poor pressure in your property, you can find out more by clicking on this link

If you're responsible for the maintenance of the water supply to your property, we recommend you consider Homeserve.
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