Serving parts of North West London and the Home Counties.

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Are we your water provider?

Use our post code search to find out.

To use the search please enter your complete postcode, for example, AL10 9EZ.

Moving home or new to our area?

Whether you're a brand new customer or an existing customer, letting us know that you are moving home is really helpful


New customer?

  1. Complete our moving form here >>
  2. We will set up a new account for you and email you when this is done
  3. You'll then receive your first bill from us in the post (shortly after your account is activated)


Moving House within our supply area?

  1. Fill in our moving home form here
  2. We'll close your existing account but we'll keep your account number and details (we will confirm this by email)
  3. You'll then receive a bill showing your closing balance for your old address and your new balance for your new one


Moving out of our supply area?

  1. Complete our moving out form here
  2. We will then calculate if you have anything to pay or due a refund (you'll be notified by email when this check has been done)
  3. You will then receive your final bill (within a couple of days)
  4. If you are due a refund, it will be sent straight to your account


Are your circumstances not covered under the above?

Fill out our online property move form and give as much information as possible about your situation. We will then make any necessary changes and do our best to assist you.


Plumbing tips when moving home infographic