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Sensitive Customers

Please click below for guidance on the classification of sensitive customers, information about site specific arrangements and some information on alternative supplies/business continuity.

Good Practice Guidance & Adoption

Please click below to view our good practice adoption status per guide – as part of this we have highlighted instances in which we have not yet adopted parts of the individual guidance or where we attempt to go further than the guidance.

Using SWIM-pool Portal

Please click here to access our user guide which will help you use our portal for all bilateral submissions. Please contact the WOSD team directly if you have any issues using or accessing our system.

Unplanned Event Support

Please click here for advice on what questions to ask customers during an unplanned event. We’ve also included some non-urgent scenarios such as defective stop taps. These questions will help you identify the source of the problem and ensure the best solution and right advice is provided.

Water Quality & Scientific Services

Please click here for access to information on how you can advise your customer about water quality and the best way to resolve any issues they may have. We’ve provided a handy guide for retailers to use.

Water Fittings Regulations

Please click here for information on how and when to contact us regarding water fittings regulations . Anyone planning for many types of plumbing work must notify us in advance to ensure that the work will not impact the quality and safety of the water.

Water Efficiency for Businesses

Please click here for some tips and advice on water efficiency for non-household customers. A link to our water resources page is also here.

Useful Links & Documents

Please click here for useful links such as open water, Ofwat and MOSL. We will also include access to policy documents here.

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