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I need to find my external stoptap

Before using your external stop tap, you should check first whether or not the problem can be solved by using your internal stop tap.

Our video guide below shows how you can find and operate your internal stop tap:

See our video and images below to find your external or boundary stop tap, or click here to see images:

You’ll usually find your external stop tap in the ground under a footpath or public highway. It might be just outside your property, on your own property in the front garden, or on the drive or footpath.

However, you may also be on a shared supply, which is when one stop tap serves a number of properties. If this is the case, it might not be directly outside of your property. You’ll need to look for a plastic or metal cover (about the same size as a DVD case) marked “Water” or “W”. If you’re struggling to find it, you could also ask your neighbours.

Stop tap covers

If there are several stop taps or meters in the meter pit, then the cover may be bigger. Do not try to lift these large covers without the correct equipment or expertise. If you have a meter, and it is fitted outside, your external stop tap is usually located right next to the meter, in the same meter pit.
Unfortunately, not all properties have a usable outside stop valve. Stop taps can be covered over during work on the public highway or by householders on their own properties. We very rarely need to use individual stop taps, and we have no responsibility to provide a stop tap for your use. We do not routinely inspect external stop taps to identify whether or not they can be operated. If you find your external stop tap is not working, a good plumber should still be able to deal with most situations without needing to operate it.

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