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I need help with a leaky loo

Modern push-button toilets commonly have undetected leaks. These leaky loos can waste up to 400 litres of water every day (that’s the same as 228 large cola bottles!).

It is important to make sure your loo is in full working order, not only to save you money, but to help save water too. You can check for a leaky loo by:
  1. Waiting half an hour after the last flush and dry the back of the toilet bowl
  2. Place a piece of dry toilet paper on the back of the bowl and leave it overnight
  3. In the morning, if the toilet paper is wet, you’ve probably got a leaky loo.
You can also do this test with one of our leaky loo strips, which you can get for free when you sign up to Save Our Streams.

If you think you’ve got a leaky loo, it’s best to speak to a plumber. You can see a full list of approved and reliable plumbers through the WaterSafe website.
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