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What will my first metered bill look like?

Your first metered bill is a little different to the standard bills you’ll get from us.

Click the image below to see a full breakdown of your metered bill:

Your first bill is for advanced charges. These contribute to maintaining the water and sewerage pipework, and this is called a “standing charge”. The first bill also includes any credit or debit carried over from your previous non-metered bill, but it does not include your water usage. There will also be details of your payment plan which will be based on an assessment of how much water we believe you’ll use, divided into equal monthly payments.

The date of your next bill, which includes your water usage, is dependant on your postcode. This is based on our metered billing schedule for your area. Your first metered bill might not be for the full six months, but future bills will follow at six monthly intervals.

If you choose to be billed on a metered basis, you won’t be able to switch back to non-metered charges.