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What happens if you discover a leak when you install my meter?

We follow a Code of Practice for leaks that occur on the supply pipe, which is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. Under our Code of Practice, when we install the meter, we will check for leaks between the meter and your internal tap. If we find a leak we can repair without additional excavation, while fitting the meter we will repair the leak free of charge at the time of installation.

After installing the meter if we find a leak on the supply pipe within the boundary of your premises (not in or under a building), that requires further excavation to repair, we may also offer to repair the pipe free of charge.This service is offered to repair a leak found between the external stop tap and the property building boundary.

Leaks found to occur under the property itself are not included. Depending on the circumstance, we may attempt to fix very simple internal leak issues such as dripping taps and leaking dual flush toilets at our discretion.Any repair has a defects liability period of one year. Please note, the defect liability period covers the work done and does not guarantee a leak free supply for the defects liability period should a new leak occur from elsewhere.

Each customer can claim one single free repair for a maximum period of three months after the meter installation. If we are aware of a leak prior to a meter installation as part of our Water Metering Programme, a free repair will not be offered.

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