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Why are water resources under pressure?

The communities we serve are designated as being under serious water stress* and we need to work with our customers to reduce their water usage.

Many of our customers are among the highest water users in the country. We need to supply a growing population whilst reducing the amount of water we take from the environment.

In our Water Resources Management Plan, we estimate that by 2040 there will be an extra 600,000 people living in 280,000 new homes in our supply area.**

We will reduce the amount of water we take from our underground sources by 42 million litres per day by 2020 and by 70 million litres per day by 2025.

Around 60% of our water supply comes from underground sources and needs to be replenished each year by winter rainfall. Less predictable weather patterns associated with climate change could lead to an unprecedented drought if we experience three consecutive dry winters.

* The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under Regulation 4 of the Water Industry (Prescribed Conditions) Regulations 1999, as amended.

** Domestic Housing and Population Forecast produced by Experian based on Local Authority Plans and produced in accordance of the EA and Government guidelines

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