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Who is responsible for the pipes in my home?

You or your landlord are responsible for installing and maintaining the water pipes within the boundaries of your property. This includes water pipes inside your home and drainage and supply pipes outside your home but still within your property boundary. The pipework outside your property boundary, from the boundary stop tap to the water main in the public highway and the main itself, is our responsibility and we will carry out work on these pipes to maintain or repair them.
Do I need to know about drains, waste water or surface water drainage pipes?
The property owner is also responsible for all leaks that occur within the boundary of their property. Click here for more information on responsibility for leaks. If you see a leak outside your boundary or on a neighbouring property, for example from a defective overflow, please use our Leak reporting form. We can issue a formal notice requiring a property owner to carry out repairs if there is a waste of water.