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I can't have a meter, what happens now?

We will always try our best to fit a meter where possible, because we think it’s the fairest way to charge our customers.
Here are some reasons as to why we might not be able to fit a meter:

  • Property shares the water supply with other properties
  • Properties sharing a common water tank
  • Not enough space on the internal stop tap
  • More than 2 supply pipes serving one property (e.g. separate supplies to an outside tap, to the main part of a house and another to an extension) – We will only fit up to 2 meters at each property.

If we’re unable to fit a meter, we’ll recalculate your bill based on the number of occupants in your home and their expected water usage. We will then put you on our assessed charges scheme. This scheme fixes the cost of your water and sewerage service.
We want you to have the cheapest option available, so we won’t apply the Assessed Charge if it’s going to cost you more.
Before we can change you to this scheme, you will need to apply for a meter and allow us to carry out all the necessary checks.

If you’ve previously applied for a meter and we couldn’t fit it or something has changed, our team will be happy to check again. They’ll double-check if fitting a meter is possible, or check if a different charging scheme would work better. We may need to send one of our surveyors to have another look.

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