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My water is due to go off, but I can't manage without water.

We are sorry for any inconvenience you may suffer because of the interruption to your water supply. As you will appreciate, the work that we are carrying out is essential maintenance to carry out a repair or to improve the supply to your area. It often takes a lot of planning and permissions to arrange these works, so we cannot usually change the dates or postpone the work. We will always try to be aware of religious festivals or events which are sensitive in nature but must also work within the existing legislation and local conditions.

We have given you notice of this work to allow you to make alternative arrangements if you are unable to manage without water or the central heating. We appreciate that it may not be ideal but perhaps you can stay with a friend or family member or arrange your own supply of bottled water and alternative heating. We do not provide bottled water unless the interruption is over 12 hours.

If you have a medical condition, for example needing home dialysis, that makes it vital that you do not have an interruption to your water supply, we would be grateful if you could register with our Priority Services scheme. This ensures that our customer service staff can respond to your needs in an emergency. Download the Priority Services Registration Form.

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