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What is WaterSure?

The WaterSure Scheme helps customers who have a water meter and are on a low income by capping the water charges.

We will set the amount you need to pay, and you will not be expected to pay more than this, no matter how much water you use. But if you use less then you will pay a lower amount.

Here's how you can be eligible:

1. You must be on a water meter.
2. The bill payer or a member of the household must be receiving qualifying benefits (listed below_
3. There should be 3 or more children under the age of 19 living at home, or 1 or more persons living in the home suffering from a medical condition that involves using a lot of water.

Apply online for the WaterSure Scheme >>

Qualifying benefits
• Income support
• Income based jobseekers allowance
• Income-related employment and support allowance
• Working tax credit
• Child tax credit (but not if you just receive the family element)
• Housing benefit
• Pension credit
• Council tax benefit
Benefits that are not means tested, such as Disability Benefit, Carer’s Allowance or Single Person’s Council Tax Allowance do not qualify under this scheme.

Qualifying medical conditions:
• Desquamation (flaky skin)
• Weeping Skin Disease (eczema, psoriasis, varicose ulceration)
• Incontinence
• Abdominal stomas
• Renal failure requiring home dialysis (excluded where a contribution to costs is made by a Local Health Authority)
• Crohn’s Disease
• Ulcerative Colitis
We may consider other conditions where additional use of water can be justified, and a Doctor's Certificate can be provided to confirm.
Unfortunately, there is no equivalent scheme for customers whose supply is not metered.

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