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What is a Waste of Water notice?

As part of our day-to-day leakage detection operations, we sometimes find leaks on pipework that is not a part of our network. If we detect a leak on privately owned pipework we have a duty to report it to whoever is responsible. 

If we have sent you a Waste of Water Notice, it means we have detected a leak which is not our responsibility. It may be because it is a leak on your supply pipe or your internal plumbing or fittings. The leak may not be visible but usually, our leakage technicians have seen an abnormal pattern of usage or discovered the leak during a routine inspection. They will first check that there are no issues on our water network and then try to contact the owners of the leaking pipework.

Find out more about supply pipe leaks and pipework responsibilities

Why have you sent the notice to me?

We will always try to contact the owners of the pipework either directly through one of our community teams or our Customer Service Team will make contact. If we can't make contact with the owners in this way, we will send a leakage notification letter. If you have received a leakage notice or Waste Water notice from us, it is because we believe you are responsible for the leaking pipework.

We expect that the responsible person or company will make arrangements to get the leak repaired. This will probably mean arranging the contractor of their choice and agreeing a price. However, if the leak is not repaired, we may serve a legal notice under section 75 of the Water Industry Act 1991.

If you believe you are not responsible for repairing the leak, for example, if you are a tenant who is not responsible for repairs, please contact us. We would be grateful if you can provide details of who is responsible for repairs, for example, your landlord, council or managing agent.

You can find all our contact details by clicking on this link Contact Us.

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