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Should I do anything for my meter installation?

It depends on where your water meter is to be installed.

If the meter is being fitted outside on your external stop tap, the tap on the pipe that supplies water to your whole property - this will normally be on the public footpath and you should not need to do anything.

If your external stop tap is on your property, in a flower bed for example, you should make sure we can get to the cover easily and you should move any precious plants or ornaments before our gang arrives. We will, of course, be very careful but we may need to dig and the more space we have the easier it is.

If your external stop tap is on your drive, please make sure you don't park over it and leave access clear for any tools or machinery that may be needed.

If the meter needs to be fitted inside your home, we simply ask you to clear the area around the pipes where your water meter is going to be fitted. You should check that the technician can reach the stop tap and the pipes around it. Move anything that will be in the way or cause any danger. Our technicians will not dismantle cupboards or remove panelling or wall coverings to reach the stop tap and will not be able to fit the meter if they cannot get access to the stop tap.

If you are having a meter fitted as part of our Metering Programme we will write to you to let you know if we are installing a meter at your property.