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Do I have to have a meter?

If you already have a meter when you move in, or if a meter is fitted under a compulsory scheme, you cannot ask for it to be removed.

You may know that, since 1989, all new homes built in England and Wales have a water meter. Also, some people with properties which didn't have a metered supply have decided to have a water meter. This means that more than 40% of homes and virtually all businesses are metered. Lots of people have found this is a great way to manage their bills and we believe it helps with water saving. Homes on a meter use around 15% less water.

We are currently running a Water Saving Programme, during which we are fitting water meters. To check the details of the programme and to confirm if your home is part of the scheme, please click here Water Saving Programme.

The Water Industry Act 1991 Section 144B, provides powers for water companies to install meters under a compulsory scheme. There is a general move by all water companies, with support from the Government, to adopt a charging policy based on metering. It is at the discretion of Affinity Water if it chooses to exercise this power. This can include compulsory metering of premises which are used wholly for business, trade or manufacturing, or for the exercise of functions by a public authority.

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