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Do I have to have a meter?

Yes, where this is technically possible.

Affinity Water operates in areas the Secretary of State for the Environment has designated as being under serious water stress.* The Secretary of State has also approved our Water Resources Management Plan, which includes a programme of metering customers’ properties. The Water Industry Act 1991 (Parts V and VI) and regulations made under the Act, provide powers for water companies to install meters and switch customers to metered charging under a compulsory scheme.

Ofwat confirms that ‘If one or more of the conditions for compulsory metering outlined above applies to you, your company is allowed to install a meter and charge you according to how much water you use.’ Water Meters Your Questions Answered p. 19, 20.

Water Meters - your questions answered * The Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs under Regulation 4 of the Water Industry (Prescribed Conditions) Regulations 1999, as amended.


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