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I need help paying my bill


 If you are finding it difficult to pay your bill, we have options that may help.

  • Payment plan – you can arrange to spread the cost of your bill by instalments.
  • Apply for a water meter - if you live alone in your property you may be better off on a water meter
  • Wastewater reduction – if your surface water or rainwater does not go into the drainage then you could receive a wastewater reduction. Learn more >
  • Low income fixed tariff (LIFT) - Our low income fixed social tariff may help if you are a low income household or claiming benefits. You will receive a fixed bill for the year that you can pay monthly.

If you prefer to speak to us, you can call us on 0345 357 2401 (Metered Accounts)  or 0345 357 2402 (Non-metered Accounts). 

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm - Saturday 8am to 2pm

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