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Have your prices changed? 

Our tariff – the amount we charge for the supply of clean water is reviewed each year. 

We know that you may be feeling worried about rising energy bills and an increase in the inflation rate which is pushing up the cost of living.

Inflation is the highest it’s been since 1980 which means things like our energy costs, pipes, fuel, and things we use to treat your water are now much more expensive than they were last year.

From 1 April 2023, the amount we charge for your clean water supply will increase, but we've worked hard to keep this change as small as possible. The cost of the high-quality drinking water you enjoy will be about 1.4p for every 10 litres.

Our metered charges

If you have a water meter, we’ve calculated the average bill increase based on average water use per person and how many people live in a household. The average amount of water used per person per day goes down when there are more people in a household because usage of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers is shared.

No. of people living in your household Average no. of litres of water used per person per day Average clean water bill (2022/23) Average clean water bill (2023/24) Average clean water bill increase for 2023/24 Average % increase in 2023/24 bills
1 157 £95.69 £103.43 £7.74 8%
2 135 £144.05 £157.39 £13.34 9%
3 119 £180.89 £198.50 £17.62 10%
4 107 £211.28 £232.42 £21.14 10%
5 102 £245.36 £270.45 £25.09 10%


Our non-metered charges

What you can expect to pay if you don't have a meter: 

If you don't have a meter, you could pay £1.39 more each month


Wastewater charges

If we bill you for wastewater charges on behalf of Thames Water or Anglian Water, these have increased since your last bill:

  • Thames Water – 7% on average
  • Anglian Water – 15% on average

Social tariffs

If you’re on our low income fixed tariff (LIFT), your clean water bill for 2023/24 will be fixed at £115.10. If you’re eligible for LIFT and also receive a council tax reduction/support, you may be entitled to the higher rate discount, where your clean water bill will be fixed at £76.70.

If you’re on our WaterSure tariff, your combined bill for clean and wastewater will be capped at the average rate for metered bills in your area.

Why have you made this change?

We’ve not made this decision lightly, especially in the current climate and with wider cost of living pressures. We don't like to increase our prices, but this year it has become necessary to make some changes to the amount we charge due to inflationary pressures and to ensure we can continue to invest in our network, support those in need with social tariffs and protect the environment.

Our prices are overseen by our regulator, Ofwat, who makes sure our plans and our investments are fair and beneficial for our customers. You can find the full details of our tariffs in our Customer Charges Scheme- 23/24 document, but we've provided some simpler examples based on average bills for metered and non-metered customers below. 

We’ll also be providing extra support for up to 30,000 customers who are most in need with a £50 Cost of Living payment credited to their account and will contact customers directly who are eligible for this.

How we can help if you're struggling to pay

If you've had a sudden life change and need some time to get back on your feet, we may be able to arrange a payment break.

You can spread the cost of your bill with a flexible payment plan.

If you’re receiving benefits, such as Universal Credit or Job Seeker’s Allowance, you may be eligible for a reduced bill.

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