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From 1st April 2024 our clean water tariff will be increasing by an average of 16% for unmetered customers and 5% for metered customers. The cost of the high-quality drinking water you enjoy will be about 1.3p for every 10 litres.

We only supply your clean water, but to keep things simple, we include wastewater charges for some customers on their Affinity Water bill. The amount we charge (our tariff) is reviewed each year and agreed by our regulator, Ofwat.

Wastewater tariffs differ slightly depending on the providers, these are serviced by companies such as Thames Water or Anglian Water. Thames Water will be increasing wastewater tariffs by about 15%. Anglian Water will be increasing wastewater tariffs by about 10%.

When we set our charges, we want there to be a fair balance between metered and unmetered customers based on the amount of water they use. On average, customers without a meter use larger amounts of water than customers with a meter, so the prices reflect this.

Our metered charges

If you have a water meter, we’ve calculated the average bill increase based on average water use per person and how many people live in a household. The average amount of water used per person per day goes down when there are more people in a household because the usage of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers is shared.

No. of people living in your household Average no. of litres of water used per person per day Average clean water bill (2023/24) Average clean water bill (2024/25) Average clean water bill increase for 2024/25 Average % increase in 2024/25 bills
1 157 £104.09 £109.09 £5.00 4.8%
2 135 £158.19 £165.75 £7.56 4.8%
3 119 £199.84 £209.37 £9.53 4.8%
4 107 £233.83 £244.98 £11.14 4.8%
5 102 £273.09 £286.09 £13.00 4.8%

Our non-metered charges

What you can expect to pay if you don't have a meter: 

If you don't have a meter, you could pay £4.60 more each month


Why we've made this change

We review our customer charges every year. Our price limits are set by Ofwat and include allowances for necessary investments and inflation.

It’s necessary to increase the amount we charge so that we can increase investment and make sure we continue to provide high-quality drinking water that is both reliable and sustainable – things that our customers have told us matter most.

Additionally, we continue to increase the funding available to those in need of support through our social tariffs.

In 2024/25, we’re set to invest £165 million to keep your taps flowing with high-quality drinking water you can rely on and deliver on our commitments to you. This includes continuing to drive down leakage to record lows, replacing our pipes and pumps to make your water more reliable, using innovative technology to help us detect problems faster and delivering more sustainable ways to move your water from source to tap.

Save water, save money

Saving water can help reduce your bills. 17% of an average household's energy bill is spent on heating water. We've got lots of helpful tips and advice to show you how you can reduce the cost of your bills! 

More about how we can help

  • We're supporting 60,000 of our most vulnerable customers with a one-off £50 payment towards their water bill, for the second year running.
  • Visit our payment help page
  • Arrange a call back from one of our advisors.
  • Chat to us via WhatsApp; add our number, 07745659300, to your phone, or click here to start a WhatsApp chat (we’re available 8am-6pm Monday–Friday).
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